Alan L. Winters


It is night,
And we have met yet again on blood soaked battlefields
Strewn with remnants of long ago fought wars.
I am you and you are me bound in shared duality,
Shackled by the filaments of our lives.
Like shadows through a curtain, our destinies uncertain;
Forced to spend our time between Xanadu and Hell,
Repeating when we rose, repeating how we fell.
I am my dreams, scatter my thoughts of green mountains
And valleys nectar sweet.
And let me touch the hand of God,
And feel the earth between my feet.
You are my nightmares shaped by fear and dread.
You are the storm of trauma that crashes in my head.
We are Cain and Abel,
Both good and evil needed to keep the other stable.
So as we share our second self in the middle of the night,
Let us rest in peace as one until the morning light.

The “Duality of War” Trilogy

Part 1: Second Self by Alan L. Winters
Part 2: Chained Together in the Arena by Nancy L. Meek
Part 3: Curtain Call by Faye Sizemore

Honored I am, not once but twice,
By two fine girls, poets revered.
If imitation be flattery
Then I be flattered thrice
By wondrous friends so endeared

Alan – September 1, 2007