Alan L. Winters

11 SEP 01

You stood there tall and proud
Pillars of our strength, glistening in the sun.
Steel redwoods in an asphalt forest
Dwarfing the skyline in your shadows.
Twins, as grandiose as myth:
Brother Casper, brother Pollex.
Oh weary traveler, find your home
Within the blackest night.
There Alexandria, here Manhattan.
September morning. Autumn Dresden.
Your melting pot is melting.
A hundred stories reduced to ten.
Hindenburg humanity. Survivors mourn September
Where empty space now stands a hundred stories tall.

You stand there proud and tall.
In our minds and in our hearts
Your stories still remain
And never shall they fall.

A partner poem to “City Dawn” ©Copyright September 30, 2001 by Alan L. Winters