William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


A man imagined God, and “God” was!
To my dog Max, I was god
I provided food and water
Max provided protection and tail wag worship
for myself, my children, my wife and my home
and as he truly loved his “Gods”
so too, he would he lay down his life
to protect his territory and his Gods
a growl and snarls for strangers
a woof of greeting to family arriving
and my eldest daughter sneaking in at 3 a.m.
on a school night was ratted out
by the friendly woof of Max who was
laying by the door doing guard duty
Lynne and I would look at the clock
smile and know all was well in the
house of the gods.

Author’s Note: We had the Shepherd Police Dog Max for a short 16 years and he often went to the Police Station with me when I was guarding prisoners on the night shifts – his snarls at those that would do me harm were noted and he would lay at my feet in front of the cells whilst I stood the graveyard shift watch. He is gone for many years now and I still miss him. I am no longer

This poem was inspired by the poem, “Where God Lives” – ©Copyright February 7, 2006 by John-Ward Leighton