Larry R. Southerland


For those that said it was not a war
Let them try to convince those who’s friends or family member lives no more

The cowards said, “I will not go.” Others went because they were told to go
Then others like me said, “I’ll go”

First we were taught to kill
And this leaves many of us ill

Though we lost our souls in Vietnam
No one gives a damn

We thought we were old and bold
But really we were just doing what we were told

Yes we were all scared
But this small country’s fate must be shared

I’ve been told by many: after this long they don’t see how it can still hurt
But they are not the ones who saw others lying in the dirt

I’ve been told by doctors and others alike, take a pill and you’ll get well
But they are not the ones who went inside the gates of HELL

When the President gave the ones who left the country a reprieve
I sat in disgust, this I could not believe

Yes it was a war, regardless of what others called it
Because we have the dead and scars to prove it