Thelma N. Shutters


Now one week into this war
On Saddam Hussein’s regime
Across the skies missiles soar
As we hear the sirens scream

A decapitation strike on Iraq
Followed by bursting bombs
Everyday there’s new attacks
As we still search for Saddam

A soldier turned on the others
In our tents he threw grenades
Taking two from their mothers
The ultimate sacrifice now paid

Bridges rigged with explosives
Enemy surrenders being faked
To kill or maim is their motive
With discern of lives they take

Battling through blowing sands
Going hours without their sleep
Fighting in strange foreign lands
As the enemy upon them creep

As in this war our soldiers die
Is our nations’ conscience clean
How many should we see cry
Till the end of this war is seen

“Iraqi regime will be disarmed”
Said the president to us today
Innocent lives now are harmed
I wonder what God would say