Thelma N. Shutters


We stand with honor
Convictions unscathed from mankind
Our only hope
An end to a senseless war
Why can they not see the tears
Or hear the mournful cries

Liberation what does it mean
Without their loved one
Does forced freedom have a place
Destruction beyond imagination
A sunset covered in fire and smoke
Is there beauty here to see

Children screaming in fearful cries
When bursting bombs explode
Mushroom clouds rising
As high as their eyes can see
Little faces full of horror
What does freedom mean

Is freedom death
Or Destruction
What must go through their minds
Can they be unscathed by war
Are we welcome to invade their land
Will we hear their pleas

Would we appreciate
Watching our country be destroyed
In the name of freedom
Would we understand
War would make our country free
Though only for the sacrifice
Of all we have ever known
Are we unscathed by war