Thelma N. Shutters


Although many have spoken
On our view against this war
Faith in our leaders is broken
Our voice shut behind a door

People’s opinion has no place
Inside a Bush administration
Refuse to look us in the face
A citizen gets condemnation

This war has made no sense
He don’t care how many die
For each of us he represents
We get only his pack of lies

Our nation he thinks he owns
The media told of what to say
Even the pictures to be shown
Is it really our American way

Children sent abroad to fight
All the news kept suppressed
Dying all alone day and night
Without even a mom’s caress

With every tear a parent wipes
In the greatest land of the free
Draped in the stars and stripes
Their coffins we are not to see

With every soldier laid to rest
Another family kneels to pray
As an American I shall protest
I know it’s the American Way