Thelma N. Shutters


I am un-American now I hear
As I question our leaders plans
Now I want to say very clear
How much I love our great land

But world moral is going down
The gas prices are going high
On our faces now are frowns
In wait of the bombs in the sky

Many here have lost their jobs
Again the terror alert is raised
More banks are being robbed
With the counting of the days

Homeless shelters being filled
Hate from other countries soar
How many people will we kill
When our soldiers march to war

As big business rules our world
At home and in our foreign lands
As we trade oil for boys and girls
To be buried in the desert sands

We’re left wondering who to trust
How many innocent ones shall die
As the windy sands blow the dust
Then will I hear the tears they cry

So call me un-American if you will
Though my free speech I reserve
Just tell me why I should keep still
As only peace we need preserved

Here at home and across the sea
How much more can we all take
Within this great land of the free
Our Country’s Honor is at stake