Thelma N. Shutters


At the start of spring every year
Cherry blossoms always bloom
All around our capitol it is clear
The fragrance of sweet perfume

Inside all our history book pages
A cherry tree has its own space
In legends passed down for ages
With legends many still embrace

I know the story we all have read
Of a man our forefathers selected
Very quick the word then spread
A first president had been elected

When he was but a child at play
Cut down his father’s cherry tree
From the truth he wouldn’t sway
On it the history books all agreed

Saying “Father I can not tell a lie,
I cut your cherry tree.” he admitted
This boy’s honor we can not deny
Of his deed he was then acquitted

When three thousand cherry trees
Were a gift from the city of Tokyo
Every year bloom for us all to see
That day was ninety-two years ago

Those cherry trees on Capitol Hill
Became a symbol then in our land
Here all our leaders pass their bills
Even here all our wars are planned

Across our nation Old Glory waves
When off to war all our children go
Many of our heroes go to their grave
While at home yellow ribbons flow

A yellow ribbon on oak trees we tie
For our soldiers safe return we plead
And a prayer for all of those who die
Bring them each home in God speed

Yellow ribbons started with the song
Though it has reached across the seas
But in the picture something’s wrong
No yellow ribbons on the cherry trees