Thelma N. Shutters


I fear very soon this world shall cry
When our soldiers march off to war
Missiles will stream across the sky
As above our head, warplanes soar

Then death will be seen east to west
With no countries on earth excluded
For many years there will be unrest
Then our great land shall be intruded

Biological warfare then we may see
When it comes we best be prepared
God warned us all that this would be
On our great earth we will see terror

Destruction and fire around the earth
Like which we’ve never seen before
We will have nothing left of worth
When our leaders declare their war

When our soldiers die across the sea
After for freedom their lives are gave
Even their bodies we will not receive
Only be buried in deep mass graves

Homes and towns will be demolished
Then we will hear the bombs explode
Civilization could even be abolished
We may have land mines on our roads

Then will we see hail, brimstone or fire
We should take this all in consideration
Before you leaders fulfill all your desires
Just remember the Book of Revelations