Ronald E. Schultz

Ronald E. Schultz
A veteran of three branches of the military: USAF regular and reserves, US Navy and US Army reserves, Ronald entered the USAF in 1970 and retired from the Army Reserve in 1998 as an E6. During his service, he was awarded the US Air Force Commendation Medal and the US Army Achievement Medal along with other service awards. He is a life member of the NCO Association; Ronald also belongs to the American Legion as well as the Honorable Order of Kentucky Colonels.

Ronald is a bi-vocational Associate Pastor in Mesquite, TX and has written two books. He is also a full time IT Specialist and has a web ministry called Maverick Ministries with 150 sermons published on line, as well as poetry on several sites. He has written a tract that is published online and has had an article published in a seminary periodical. He is a volunteer expert on on the subject “Baptists”.

Married with two grown children, Ronald’s daughter has given him six grandchildren. More information about Ronald can be found on his website, Maverick Ministries.

“God has been better to me than I deserve and I and thankful for His mercy and grace.”

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