Les Peate


Billy Willbond
William “Willy” H.A. Willbond MSM, CD
Willy was a soldier-boy, and just like one of us
He’s drink a bit, and fight sometimes, and even swear and cuss
He’d sweat out on the rifle range and on the barrack square
And when they blew “Defaulters” he would frequently be there.

Folks think that Queens Own Riflemen were big and bad and rough
Without a thought of sentiment or other sloppy stuff
They just went by appearances, which wasn’t very smart;
Beneath that khaki battledress our Willy had a heart!

Into a third-world nation, one year our hero went;
(A soldier doesn’t have a choice; he just goes where he’s sent)
Around him he saw poverty the direst kind, indeed
But what moved Willy most of all were little kids in need.

When he came home at last he didn’t have the slightest doubt
That he’d do something positive to help those poor folks out
And so he started ICROSS – and it started small, it’s true
But just like little Topsy, it just grew and grew and grew

He begged for food and medicines which came at his behest
(For when it comes to scrounging things old soldiers are the best!)
He put the bite on aircraft, and worked hard every day
And soon the crates of vital goods were heading on their way.

But Willy couldn’t help but think of all the girls and boys
Who never had the comfort they receive from simple toys
So “Izzy Dolls” filled in the space of every shipment bale
(I’d tell you more about them, but that’s just another tale)

So think of Billy Willbond, he’s a credit to our race
For people like him make the modern world a better place.
Willy, you’ve written many verses – that at least is true
And so I think you ought to know that THIS ONE IS FOR YOU!

This poem prompted the response, “Suffer the Little Children to Come to Me” – ©Copyright September 19, 2007 by Billy Willbond