Les Peate


Dear Bill, I know your problem’s real
I know exactly how you feel
Green blazers for the KVA
And KSLI make my day
And green will also do for me
When I recall the C Int C
Blue blazer badges I’ve galore
There must be five or six or more
To wear a Legion one I’ll try
And also the RCMI
I can’t forget the eight-point star
For I was in The RCR
Two other badges (you may see ‘em)
NCVAC, War Museum

There are some buddies I have got
Who try to wear the bloody lot
And though I do not think it best
On every pocket there’s a crest.
(That practise though, is not for me
They look just like Christmas tree!)

A response to the poem, “The Jest Dressed Guy in Town” – ©Copyright July 24, 2007 by William H.A. Willbond, MSM, CD, and in turn prompted the response, “Regimental Dress” – ©Copyright August 4, 2007 by William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD