Kerry “Doc” Pardue


It is the question I face tonight
Another night of lost sleep
But it is a series of sleepless nights I live with

Friends from my youth
Lost in a war call Vietnam
Why them and not me?

What purpose God do you have for me
That I may live and they shall die?

It has been 35 years and I am still waiting
I have had three awesome children and three great careers
And Stephanie a wonderful wife

Could it be that it was meant for Candice, Jeff, and Melony
Or for my grandchildren as well or even Stephanie;
Were there lives that, somehow, were touched by me
Or was it for all of them, to be for me?

I don’t understand your wisdom Lord
But I am thankful just the same
That you let me survive

This poems was the inspiration for “The Warrior’s Question” ~ ©Copyright November 15, 2004 by Anthony W. Pahl