Kerry “Doc” Pardue


Who played in the streets and paddies
From my youth so very long ago?

Living in a time
Of uncertainty, despair, and danger,
They seemed to take it all in stride

Children seem to adjust
To the events in their lives
They are the best survivors.

I miss seeing their eyes light up
At seeing a smiling GI
Asking for candy or a bit of some surprise.

They would call me Bac Si,
A name I learned to love
I am glad I got to help them

They would circle around me
And dance with delight
As I try to sing a song they taught me

The thing I wish they would have taught me
Is illusive even to this day
How to maintain the innocence of their youth

I often wonder do they remember
Who we were and what they tell their children
About this Bac Si so long ago

Wherever you are my special friends
I still remember and reflect
How you touched my life — I didn’t forget