Kerry “Doc” Pardue

Roger Kenneth Jones
November 1, 1948 - May 16, 1968

So many years have passed
Since I have been gone
Today so many gathered to remember

The hearts of so many
That loved me so long ago
Just know that I have not forgotten you

Gene, Toot and Bobby Burris, Tommy and Cheri Hooks
And Tommy Tucker too
Man, the old gang together again
You were my closest friends
I sure have missed each of you
A big smile is on my face
As I recall the things that we did together

David Navarro and Tom Mundy
You taught me so much
We fought and bled together
Our cause was noble with heads held high
You showed my family today
The meaning of Semper Fi
Forever faithful in life and death and love
Thanks for reaching out to my parents
I stood and watched as they held on to each of your words
This was the best gift that you could have given to them

Aunt Faye, Scott, Bruce, and Russell
You all have gone through a lot
Smitty says he misses you
Thanks for standing by my family

David, Billy, and Doug
You have been the best brothers
Anyone could have asked for
I know that my passing was hard on each of you
I have watched you all grown up and become men
With families of your own
Take care of them and love them unconditionally
I cherish the memories I shared with each of you

Candy you have grown into a beautiful woman
Who is full of dreams and grace
I am so proud of each of the things you have done
Michael was a great choice to be your husband
He is a special man
Zackary and Nicholas are so handsome and so full of life
Zachary you have my looks
Nicholas you have my personality
Both of these will carry you far in life
Never stop learning
Just know I am with each of you everyday

Stephanie the years have been good to you
I know that today was not easy day for you
I am glad that you were here supporting my family
The loved we shared was special and brought me happiness
I am happy that you found someone to take care of you
And love you. Kerry has a big heart and he loves you dearly
Jeffrey and Melony are nice kids
And your grandchildren have given you much joy

Mom and Dad, I am so glad you could be here today
There were so many times I saw you standing next to my grave
With tears of sorrow and loss I stood beside you kissing the tears away
I made the choice to become a Marine I did what I wanted to do
So many parents have asked the question
Why did my son have to die in Iraq, Vietnam, Korea, Iwo Jima,
Normandy, Gettysburg, Valley Forge?
Another mother long ago asked… “Heavenly Father,
Why did my son have to die on a cross outside of Jerusalem?”
The answer to all these are similar
“So that others may have life and dwell in peace, happiness, and freedom”

Just know that I love you all very much and miss you and I know you do as well;
Just understand, I am with you every day I am in each of your hearts.
The place I am at is so beautiful and I can’t wait to welcome you to Heaven
And introduce you to Jesus


Author’s Note: For the first time since the funeral, people gathered together at a memorial service for my wife’s first husband who was killed in Vietnam May 16, 1968. I wrote this as if he were speaking to the people there.

Webmaster’s Note: On his website, “Rice Paddy Stew and Saigon Tea”, Kerry has created a webpage dedicated to Roger. The page includes this poem and photographs taken during the memorial service.