Kerry “Doc” Pardue


In the Shadow of the Blade
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We were the soldiers brave and true
Who rode upon you in our youth
You took us into battle and carried us back to base-camp

091, you were faithful to us all during a war called Vietnam
Carrying troops, supplies, mail, Donut Dollies, Nurse, USO, and wounded
Chris-crossing the muddy paddies, rubber plantations, and jungle canopied

You were wounded yet went on, completing your missions for your men
But that was many years ago
You have seen the bravery, the death, the dying, and the surviving
You have so many stories that went with you

One person’s story caused a dream to take shape to fly another mission
To fly the last mission telling the stories of the men, women, and children
Whom you have touched

In the shadow of your blade
We now can rest and tell your stories
Of the people who were impacted by you

Lift us high into the sky and fly in awesome glory
Like you did a long time ago
Giving the world the true story of forgotten men, women, and children
From a war fought so long ago

You have one last mission to go forth across this land
Landing and bringing those folks on the last leg of a journey
All the way HOME

Mission accomplished – a job well done indeed
I no longer hate that sound of an in-coming huey rotor song
It is now the sound of a Welcome Home song

After thirty five years it is time for both of us to rest
We both know we did our best our story is finally complete
For we are HOME at last