Ronald J. Murray


You ask why I can’t forget,
or you say I should let it die.
Well believe me, I did!
For many years those memories I hid.
Yet I knew I was hiding a lie.

We were very young, most just nineteen,
when we went to defend our home,
we arrived over there,
and we heard you didn’t care.
In a crowd, we all felt alone.

I was not a baby killer,
never have I done the things you said.
And you weren’t there with me!
You didn’t see what I still see,
the faces of friends who are dead.

I lost one man in my squad;
his death was really a waste.
He didn’t have to die.
When I think of him I cry.
His death left a horrible taste.

I am proud to be a Vietnam Veteran.
I served honorably through the whole thing.
Some day my daughters or son
may ask of me what I’ve done,
and I’ll be proud to tell everything.

We did it for you, America;
won’t you try to understand why?
We gave all we had,
most very good, some very bad.
But the memories never die.