Ronald J. Murray


I didn’t believe in heroes,
Until I went to war,
I just thought you’ve got a gun,
That’s what you’re over there for.

But I never thought about the ones,
Who didn’t have to die,
Their job was just to pray for us,
And console us when we cry.

He saw the wounded lying,
There in the killing zone,
Though he was severely wounded,
He wouldn’t leave the men alone.

He acted like a medic;
Pulling wounded from the field,
I always thought his M.O.S.,
Was to see our souls were healed.

I think he added something,
Because he acted like a grunt,
And though he did not carry a gun,
He was now in the hunt.

Then he saw the medic,
Laying in the line of fire,
He knew he had to move fast,
Or his wounds would make him tire.

He almost reached the medic,
But he died along the way,
I’ve learned something about Chaplains,
They don’t just wait and pray.