Ronald J. Murray


Things have really changed.
Back when I was a kid
we had a game;
I remember the name
and all the things we did.

The dumbest part of the game –
you had to be a good sport.
If your opponent got away,
no matter the day,
you couldn’t follow him to his fort.

There was one part of the game
that I remember well.
Sometimes it got tough,
other times, really rough.
You might even think it was hell.

Another part of the game –
you had to be alone.
If you made it through
you had to act like you
had not been out of your home.

But the worst part of the game;
if they caught you, you were done
and you had to stay
forever far away;
that part was not any fun.

The game didn’t have an ending
and that was really a shame.
We did all we could;
even more that we should
in that damn Vietnam War Game.