Paul F. McCann


One day my child looked at me and said,
Dad why do we have wars?
I replied,
Usually because someone wants to rule
or control some other person’s country or land.

He looked concerned and said:
Dad, are soldiers frightened when they have to go to war?
No one likes to admit it son but yes sometimes we are.

He reached out and held my hand.

When will the war be over dad?
My little child asked me.
Well son, until D-Day comes and we have no more armies.
Until someone step’s aside and shows that they care.

Then he asked,
Dad do we have to breathe in the same air
as those who make war with us?

Son, I’m afraid we do. I said.
But we’re searching space for another world out there.

Dad is our world running out of space?
I answered,
Son, residential rulers are living in their small worlds every day.
There is no place on earth left for them to hide.

Dad if those rulers are our enemies,
will they go to heaven or hell when they die?

He asked.
God only knows their fate my son;
I’m not the judge of that.

I replied.

Then he asked:
Dad is there enough room in heaven or hell
for everyone to live after we have died?
I certainly hope so.

I said.
But he looked puzzled and said.

Dad – if there’s not, will there be wars there too?
I took him in my arms and laughed and said:
I have to go to war now son.
We said our goodbye and I kissed him on the head.