Paul F. McCann


An Officer’s Sorry

On behalf of all those under my command,
I am writing this so you may understand,
It’s much easier to say it that resist.
We’re sorry we could not be home for Christmas.
We are all trying to keep up the good cheer.
And hope to see you all soon in the New Year.

Defence Force’s Sorry

On behalf of those fighting the incursion,
I’m sorry for not being there in person
To say happy New Year and welcome the dawn.
I am sorry to say that the wars still on.
I am sorry to hear the news every day,
Of the innocent lives lost along the way.

From A Politician

On behalf of the entire population,
I am sorry for the humiliation.
I am sorry for having to say sorry.
I would like to say there’s no need to worry.
In saying sorry I would like to move on
From this place where being sorry will be gone.