Paul F. McCann


Who asks Governments why it has to be that way?
Get on your knees and pray for wars to end today.
Missiles don’t fall in love and people push and shove.
There are too many who hate, not enough who love.
How many ask for God’s help when war grips the land?
Can you see the peacekeepers trying to lend a hand?
Many hungry die each day where once some crops grew.
Mission workers in the field,
labourers are few.
Can you hear the sound of the heavy thunder pound?
Have you noticed where they’re walking on stony ground?
Where large cities stood now ‘tis a wilderness bare;
Their babble has been buried underneath the mirth.
Thousands more wait to join them deep below the earth.
Governments united can only do so much.
The helpless and needy they’re unable to touch.
Can you catch a star?
Can you turn the world around?
Well if you can then stop this world from falling down.
You can’t run or escape when you’re in an earthquake.
Mountains fall to the ground.
Tremors ache.
God’s awake.
Fireballs are falling down from the heavens above.
Look around and help someone reach out with your love.
Open your eyes and see the world is falling down.
On the land there are cracks;
Green grass has all turned brown.
Hundred feet tidal waves at sixty miles an hour,
Volcanoes erupting;
There’s mud in the rain shower.
We are in the same boat and we are all sea sick.
In a floating bubble it only takes one prick.
God save us from each other in the drowning plain?
Have mercy on those souls trapped in the acid rain.
Great God of love shelter us in the final hour.
The whole world begs for mercy, it’s within Your power.