Paul F. McCann


Inside the war office, plans are made and orders are relayed to the troops
who are stuck in their trenches on the front line, fighting the war.

Carved into a mould is a soldier’s existence where flags unfold
as the cold wind carves an extra notch that emphasises who you are.

Dug down in a deep muddy trench there is no room for complacency,
and the reality of war starts to sink in after a while.

There’s no room for social climbers, and the ladder to success is viewed
on how many notches that have stretched over your skin when you smile.

As you smile, remember who you are as the bombs explode over your head,
and take shelter in the trenches where your orders have been sent.

Soldier, never lose your smile and as you fly that flag of freedom;
find strength for the fight, until the force of the enemy has been spent.