Paul F. McCann


A Conflict – Fight
Killing – Peace Keeping – Protecting
Insurgence -Unrest – Surrender -Truce
Healing – Forgiving – Living
Agree – Harmony

Author’s Note: A little information about the structure of this poem.

A Diamante is a seven line poem where the theme or topic of the poem ends opposite to the opening topic. English grammar is used and the rules are as follows:

Line 1 – Name (Noun) Theme/Object
Line 2 – Two adjectives describing the noun in line 1
Line 3 – Three participles (-ing or -ed), relating to line 1 and 2 of the poem
Line 4 – 4 nouns (2 referring to the noun in line 1 and the other 2 referring to line 7)
Line 5 – Three participles (relating to noun in line 7)
Line 6 – Two adjectives (describing the noun in line 7)
Line 7 – Noun (names the theme or object which is the opposite of the noun in line 1)