Paul F. McCann


The flower died and bloomed again in the steady Northern Ireland rain.
A long road found an end and people everywhere called out in God’s name.
New lights beam in little streets and there are gate latches without a chain.
Strangers are welcome, hear the new footsteps; doors are left open again.
We understand it’s time to get on, it’s time to get over the pain,
Gerry Adams, and Sinn Fein looked to the future with Reverend Ian.
All is never lost in love and war just the memories that remain.
May those memories remind us never to hurt each other again!

United by love, we must decide for ourselves what has to be done;
No longer divided, as the people of Northern Ireland are one.
No longer now do we need to ask your whereabouts or where you’re from.
There’s no need to fight because what we believe in has already come.
Peace is flowing like a river that lies glistening under the sun.
The way ahead is easy and tomorrow has already begun.
Our children will sing and play again and in the streets they will have fun.
What unites us is not the fear but the hope of what is yet to come.