Sarge Lintecum


Before Vietnam, at the age of nineteen,
this is how things looked to me.

When I was a boy I would hold up my head
And be proud of the red white and blue.
The pledge of allegiance, hand over my heart,
What an honor these things were to do.

Then as a young man, all my lessons well learned,
Like ol’ George – never did tell a lie,
For freedom and justice and equality
Off to Nam, and maybe to die.

Here’s how things looked to me after Vietnam,
when I came home and found the Hippies and
the Rednecks was havin’ their own damn war,
and neither side wanted the Sarge any more.

Lincoln freed all the slaves to the ghetto
And they still hold their heads up with pride.
The Red man ripped off and degraded
Can sit tall on his pony and ride.

But the White man is left feeling empty.
There’s a lot we would all like to hide;
We stand in the middle of war yelling “Peace!”
As we slyly sell guns to both sides.

I’m no longer a boy,
So the truth they can’t hide
What have they done with my pride?