John-Ward Leighton


On the club theme
I can only speculate
in my Oxford dictionary
there is no perserverate.

My spell checker rejects
the word I fear
a close word means
something quite severe.

In this little game of mind
perhaps I should reply in kind
and give the judge a little bone
by inventing a meaning all my own.

Are these a cost perserverate
a price to abrogate
to soothe the torture
by will severely ameliorate?

Perserverate a new invention?
What can we know of its intention?
On this we can only speculate
what does it mean – perserverate?

This poem prompted the response, “Perseverate” ©Copyright November 22, 2006 by Anthony W. Pahl OAM. Submitted for the November 2006 Monthly Theme Project, “Perseverate