John-Ward Leighton


Photo ©Copyright 2009 by John-Ward Leighton
Photo ©Copyright 2009 by John-Ward Leighton
The fire rages behind this page
and I sit in a tearful daze
as another friend begins to slip away
soon I will be the only one left to have the day.

A time when what ever words you choose
you are still destined to lose;
and fate, inexorable fate, and this sorrowful day
will ultimately arrive and have its way.

It is often said
that there may be times, because of the pain,
perhaps its better
to be dead.

Life is a slow or speedy journey to the grave
and you are only as much as you have gave
and pain will likely be your only reward
whether dying in your bed or by the sword.

Time is the enemy of all
we only have so much of it in the till
to spend wisely, or as a fool searching for deliverance,
though in the end, it really makes no difference.

We can catch any train, walk, run or catch a plane
because we will not pass this way again
and as each passes through many a different nation,
death is still the only sure destination.

There are many different journeys
and stories with many a different end,
but have pity for the man
who dies alone without a friend.

I’m still here, dear friend, in this tearful waking dream,
getting all this sad, sad news
on my
silly little screen.

Author’s Note: For Alan Gordon ~ When the end comes we will mourn your passing but celebrate your life.