John-Ward Leighton


What is immortality?
Is it our souls
or something more drastic
and elastic
like the ever living piles and bags of plastic?

I defy you to get
more than six feet
approximately two metres
away from plastic.

The screen I’m starring at,
the mouse I’m clutching,
the keyboard I’m typing on,
the desk that holds it all,
the chairs I sit on,
my ID and credit cards
and library card,
the dish drain on my side board,
the plastic pages holding my poems,
the spray bottles of windex, soap, and dusting solutions,
the bottles that hold my pills,
the windows in envelopes of bills,
my heart rate watch and chest band,
CD jewel cases,
the CDs themselves,
the power bars,
and plastic coated power cords and plugs,
the soles of my shoes,
more stuff than we can possibly use.

The oceans have immense
dead zones filled with plastic.
Can we do without
something so destructive?
Think about it
be instructive
before you take out that bag of garbage
and put your two bits into the outrage.
Think about a life,
and do something drastic.
Think about living a life,
without plastic.

John-Ward Leighton: Plastic

John-Ward Leighton: Plastic
Photo ©Copyright 2010 by John-Ward LeightonCAPTION