John-Ward Leighton


as a ten year old
my bike was my escape vehicle
I would disappear down the dusty prairie roads
right after breakfast
and not come home until the streetlights came on

I would be scolded by my Mom
because she loved to stick me with baby sitting
sister Charlotte
but she was too lazy to get up to make my breakfast
so right after I had a bowl of porridge
and changed and gave my sister her bottle
I would make my getaway

every day was a new adventure
to be looked forward to
just like today
I’m going to spend the day on my trusty steed
with my journal, camera and drawing book
in my packsack
and take in Gay Pride and the Powell street festival
and do one circuit of the Park

Gastown Curmudgeon Society Logo
Gastown Curmudgeon Society Logo
touch base with friends
Tom “W” and Ken “V”
and end the afternoon at Molino’s
before I talk to my kids
Heather in Montreal
and Ian in Ottawa
this evening

tomorrow is GCS day 09:30 hrs 1 Aug. 2011
at the Save ON Meats lunch counter
where I will unveil
my rendition of the GCS logo
that I have commissioned
with Jackie “H”
at Angel
to make 5 ball caps

Photo: ©Copyright 2011 by John-Ward Leighton
Photo: ©Copyright 2011 by John-Ward Leighton