William N. Janes, Sr


When wars would come and soldiers fought
For their kith and for their kin,
A pledge was wrought by those at home
To bring them home again.

And gladly stood the country
When all was said and done,
And all the country made their thanks
To the ones that fought and won.

But times have changed around us
And wars are hard to win,
And often blamed are troops we sent
As though they somehow sinned.

No matter that the fight was one
That none could win with grace,
Or that the nightly news reports
Our soldiers serve disgraced.

The soldiers’ lot is never one
That marks the easy road,
And labors they perform for us
Are love on us bestowed.

The soldier sees a lonely task
And tries to save his friends.
There is no broad agenda
Just simply fates and ends.

War is hell for those that fight,
The ones we sent to roam,
But we that sent them owe one thing
A simple “Welcome Home!”