William N. Janes, Sr


A Soldier sits and watches
And passes on the torch
He’s bound now by a rocking chair
And sits there on his porch.

The world he sees is on TV
But years ago he stared
Into the flaming depths of hell
And somehow he was spared.

He notes the bliss of evening
With sunset close at hand
And wonders where the world went wrong
And why the war began.

He marvels at the news each day
That war is still in style
And thinks the people of the world
Should travel his small mile.

There is no victory in the win
And no defeat is small
And soldiers face the brunt of it
And die for naught and all.

War, I guess is something
That serves the public mind
But those who went to war suggest
Another path to find.

We send our troops on land and sea
And often in the air
Sadly though, our people
Are too tied up to care.

The soldier watches sunset
On his cheek tears stream regret
And sad he knows the worst of all…
The people just forget.