William N. Janes, Sr


When we are young we set upon
The journey of our life
And once begun, the sojourn goes,
Despite both trials and strife.

For some, the journey seems quite tame.
For others it is not
For no one understands the fates
That bring us to our lot.

We know about the mountains
We know about the sea.
But where we fail in knowledge
Is simply “what’s in me?”

The Mountains stand both strong and tall
And the sea does wash the shore.
But what’s inside of all of us
Matters even more.

And if we think we stand alone
We simply there are wrong.
Many walk the path of life
And to each we all belong.

And Soldiers know that best of all
Through all war’s bitter ends
For issued ‘mong the tools of war
They also find their friends.

Battles come and battles go
And sabers turn to rust
But soldiers do remember well
Soldiers, Friends and Trust.