William N. Janes, Sr


In the Land of Mordor,
The land where shadows lie
There dwells the Prince of Darkness
Who bids us all to die.

And far and wide from that fell land
We are set upon by wraiths
Who seek us out to do his will
For them an act of faith.

But, Great are his opponents
And men and women tell
The story, true, of Frodo
Who banished him to hell.

The path, it was not easy.
The perils, they were great.
Thrice wounded, sick of heart and health
Frodo rose to meet his fate.

And thus it was, at last
The dark eye ceased to see.
His ring had been consumed by fire.
At last all men were free.

Author’s Note: References in this Poem come from Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien. This trilogy of books takes a lot of reading, but the rewards of reading it are worth the effort. In the books, a dark lord in the land of Mordor sent wraiths far and wide to conquer all the world. In the end, a little Hobbit named Frodo defeated all his intents. Though I wrote this poem about another during the Gulf War, it seems to me now that a darker lord has appeared in the land of Mordor.