William N. Janes, Sr


Old soldiers think of battle
In much a different way
Than younger folks describe it
And here is what they say:

There’s nothing on a battlefield
That time does not erase
And valor on the field that day
Simply marks in time the place.

When soldiers go to battle
And leave both kith and kin
They have an obligation
And their job is that they win.

And so it’s gone since time began
For lo these many years
And soldiers think of battles fought,
And soldiers blink back tears.

Old Soldiers visit graveyards
Where fellow soldiers lie
And weep at names on markers
That name the ones that died.

A soldier knows a simple thing
That all but them forgot.
It’s them against the odds each day
And the day decides their lot.

Old soldiers know the course of war
And after, measure cost.
When all is done they wonder
If the gains were worth the lost.

We know the way to mark our dead
On distant, foreign shores.
But sadly no one knows the way
To put an end to war.