William N. Janes, Sr


The toughest boss I ever had
Also was the strictest.
He sent me one day off to die,
And instilled in me the sickness.

Common folk don’t kill, you see
For this you must be trained.
And when you learn you don’t forget
I’m sure you find that strange.

But, War is not a playwright’s stage
And death is not an end
For soldiers trained to fight the fight,
Who try to save their friends.

Combat is a worthy whore;
She seduces all she faces.
I’ve been there brothers, sisters, all
But now we must trade places.

Your mind must picture vicious harm
To you and all you love
For that is what a soldier finds
And the hawk overpowers the dove.

War is not an easy thing.
It’s broken many a man.
But, once the thing is over with
No one gives a damn.