William N. Janes, Sr


IWVPA Bronze Helmet Top Poet Award of Excellence - August 2003And so the stormy sea subsides,
But leaves its frothy tongues askew
On littered beach I wander ‘bout
And look for something new.

Flotsam here and jetsam there
Are what’s left to remind
Of tempest’s rage, and sailor’s cries
On ships that left the land behind.

I kick at drifts and frothy clumps
But nothing do I find
Of valiant sailors on the sea,
To ease my troubled mind.

The Sailors of the Sea of Life
I want again to see.
Their voyage wrecked, their cargo lost,
Their loss a part of me.

On littered beach there’s one who seeks
The answers lost in time
But what I seek is Vietnam
And, Comrades that were mine.

No Trace I find on battered shores
Of Friends lost long ago;
Nor do I find the answers
To pain that plagues me so.

I wade in frothy tongues to seek
The wisdom of the Sea
And Answer just one question:
Why them and why not me?