William N. Janes, Sr

(or An End to a Fit)

I’d served my time in Vietnam
And counted down the days
Until at last I could return
To the Good, Good USA.

I cringed each time a shot was fired
And hated all explosions.
I wasn’t out of the country yet
My life was nerves and emotions.

At last I made it to the plane
That would take me to the land of my birth.
As we left the ground, a cheer rang up
And the survivors expressed their mirth.

We flew and flew, and flew again
Some thirteen thousand miles
Until the Captain said, “We’re home.”
And the cabin filled with smiles.

I made my way to SFO
To complete my journey home
And there met folks opposed to war
Who came to the airport, to roam.

As I tried to make it to my plane
A young woman spat upon me.
But what she said then astonished me
She said, “F--k the Army.”

I’ve often wondered if she got her wish
But I wouldn’t bet a dime
That she could do that all at once,
I’d bet it was one at a time.