Susie James


Now there is a place at the back of Burke
Where all the bush blokes go to lurk
The sheilas think they’re just bludgers
They’re playing two up, silly buggers.
Just back of beyond the billabong
Somewhere down near the “Gong’
We hear the chooks going crazy
Laying bum nuts there by a daisy
Geezz it’s enough to make ya chunder
There in that land down under

I’ll tell you this, fair dinkum mate
I’ll lay in down on the plate
They were as dry as a dead dingo’s donger
The real dinky-di is sadly no longer
You see they all got dudded
By the dunny budgie
The grog ran out, it made them crook
These blokes who didn’t give a fuck
Just down the road a jumbuck came
In fear of a Joe Blake again

Some things are crook in Muzwelllbrook
The sheilas go over to take a look
The blokes seem short a snag on the barbie
Too many pots and schooners it’s sure to be
A walkabout seems the order of the day
Might help these dags at their play
One brew too many will make a wowser
Someone quick go call the dowser
This poem is all about the famous “strine”
To understand it will take time…