Susie James


Trapped within the forest of death and damnation
surrounded by its trees with haunting desperation
Seeking for the truth, only to find its humiliation
confused and condemned by what is exasperation

A ghostly haze blinds my way, life’s path I cannot see
what are these apparitions appearing in front of me
With eyes cast down, too afraid to look t’wards thee
drowning and gasping for breath’s within this misty sea

Solitary shadows standing against the winds of despair
there has to be a someone who understands out there
Locked within the boundaries of time becomes unfair
when naught is left to do but stand around and stare

Freedom calls out to my soul, yet these chains remain
bound by the past, feeling beholden to the present pain
Taunted thoughts invade my mind, sanity I cannot gain
doomed forever to be tainted with yesterday’s stain