Susie James


He’s an American soldier, the bravest of all
and when his country spoke he heard her call
He will do his duty, no matter what the cost
he’ll fight and win the battles others have lost
Somebody’s father, someone’s husband or son
though he might fall he will get up and go on

He’s an American soldier, proudly standing tall
going into the battleground, he fights for us all
He will not stand back when someone is in need
he’ll go to war valiantly that they may be freed
A wife and child at home, waiting till he’s done
while he’s on the frontline fighting for freedom

He’s an American soldier, not like any another man
seeking not glory or fame, he just does what he can
He will be ready to die for his loved ones at home
out there on the battlefield he just might die alone
His brothers and sisters, will be back home waiting
when the world has done with its fearing and hating

Author’s Note: God bless all those who go to war for the sake of freedom… not only for this nation but for others too…