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You lie there before me
and I survey you in lust
To pierce you one more time I must
before my hammer pummels your tender flesh
and to the back yard I take you
to lie in sweet repose…
How I can enjoy and destroy
… heaven knows
The waiting fire is now ready
In a few minutes all traces will be gone
and you will have been all mine alone
Grabbing my tools, I hone in for the kill
Yes, there’s nothing quite as good
as a steak cooked on the backyard grill…

©Copyright July 18, 2005 by Faye Sizemore


You lay there before me
A bump on a log
It doesn’t surprise me
You croak like a frog

I once thought of summer
As sizzling hot
You act like a corpse
Well perhaps you’ve forgot

That some like it hot
And find frigid a bore
I stare at the ceiling
While you start to snore

Yes some Jewish husbands
Are lousy at sex
I suppose that is why
I now call you my ex

See most Jewish women
They get a bum rap
The heat makes them cranky
But after a nap

A slap and a tickle might
Help them awake
Why go out for hamburger
I offer you steak

That’s hot and is tasty
That’s kosher to go
The luck of the Irish
Some gentiles just know

That women are truffles
Yes tasty and rare
We don’t want those school boys
Who just sit and stare

This isn’t that movie
“Sum of 42”
I ain’t Jen O’Neil
And I will not teach you

That summer is lusty
And spring brings a fever
And fall is for love
And the winter receiver

Of all of the senses
And blankets of snow
Embrace the four seasons
I’m ready to go

So after the sunset
And barbecues done
I’ll pour you a nightcap
I call summer fun

©Copyright July 19, 2005 by Robin Amy “Poetic License” Bass


Hi, Robin….

Faye’s Gaye
or should I say
Gaye’s Faye.

No! No! No!
What I meant to say
is Gaye should’ve been Faye…
and not the other way…

that is…
if it weren’t for that “f” ‘n’ “g”
makin’ you think someone’s Gaye,
when really no one was, or is… Gaye, that is,
until we were informed it was really Faye.
Did that answer your question okay?

Any and/or either way, I am
Nancy <-------the other Faye… but not the other Gaye :-)

©Copyright July 20, 2005 by Nancy L. Meek

SUMMER LUST (A Response)

It’s tonight and not today
I don’t care if Faye is Gaye
Or you are the other too
It’s your business what you do

Marvin Gaye could really heal
Sexually speakin’ made us squeal
But when all is done and said
Gaye or Marvin, he’s still dead

Look for rollin’ in the hay?
Tammy Terrel might want to play
but I don’t know for which side
She won’t tell… Is it gay pride?

Gaye or Not is fine with me
Just be who you want to be
Black or white or polka dots
Labels do not get me hot

Well not like that Summer Ode
Faye must serve it ala mode
Faye or Nancy Gaye or Bi
I guess ‘til the day I die

Lust will be my favorite sin
Don’t care if you’re out or in
So tonight I dream of sizzle
Straight to bed… I start to fizzle.

©Copyright July 20, 2005 by Robin Amy Bass