Bernie “Doc” Duff


Bernie “Doc” Duff: Faces


Desperation to save a brother’s life…
Constantly fleeting while minutes tick slowly by
Minutes seem like hours as each one passes
Silence echoes while the faces scream why

Touching… wanting to feel that hope is alive
The faintest of heartbeat signals time remains
Waiting, waiting, for the chopper to whisk him away
To care for his wounds and take away his pain

The look of desperation will never leave the eyes
Even if the chopper miraculously comes in time
No matter what the outcome of this day
This moment of anguish will remain in the mind

Chopper sounds have not broken the jungle silence
Only Angel’s wings are winnowing in the air
Too late… too late… to help my brother
Life is replaced with the thousand yard stare

Artist’s Note: Bernie has not offered an explanation to this new painting titled “Faces” and seems reluctant to do so… I was not there and so I have no idea what this painting represents to Bernie. Today as I looked at it, this poem was my interpretation of Bernie’s memory.

Mary E. Rogers: June 21, 2004

Bernie “Doc” Duff: Faces
Vietnam Veterans Memorial: San Antonio, Texas