Bernie “Doc” Duff


Bernie “Doc” Duff: Childhood Lost

Artist’s Note: “Childhood Lost” is my attempt at depicting a combat soldier wearing the “Thousand Yard Stare.” For those that don’t realize what this stare was all about, it was the turning off of the senses that controlled such things as pain, loss and love. It is also when the childhood ended and the nightmares began. We all dreamed of the day when we would return to “the world,” but for many people who struggle daily with the effects of post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), the search for home is an ongoing process.

“Childhood Lost” is not the end. The beginning of the healing process comes only with the realization that the problem exists. Beyond that comes the treatment and above all, forgiving oneself for dulling those senses. It’s okay to allow myself to live – to feel – to grieve – and to love.

Welcome home!