Bernie “Doc” Duff


Bernie “Doc” Duff: Bait and Snitch

Artist’s Note: During the years that we spent in Vietnam, the kids became masters at picking pockets. One technique that we used to marvel at was when kids, usually two, or three, but mostly all with a pretty young girl involved, would approach an unsuspecting soldier. Quite often, the soldier in question wore bright green fatigues, a sure signal that he was new in country and an easy target. First, the girl would begin flirting with the soldier (or one of the young boys would introduce the soldier to his sister, cousin or friend). Soon after, when his attention was totally on the pretty young lady, one of the boys would discreetly put his hand in the GI’s pocket and lighten the load of anything of value. Even if caught, the young girl would begin screaming her lungs out, acting as if her purity was being threatened by the big burly Westerner! More often than not, the GI would quickly go on his way as if nothing had happened.