F. William Broome


Yes, it hurts more than any of us can stand.
It hurts to see young men and women go to war.
It hurts that they are being trained to kill.
And, it hurts that some of them are killed.
But it hurts differently and deeply to read
words by intelligent persons who choose
to fight justified war as a personal project.
Have they not read and retained history?
Have they not learned that our Nation
was formed after winning a great war?
Do they not realize that the US was kept
as one nation by Lincoln’s Civil War?
Is it not clear that the United States of
America has fought to save other nations?
Haven’t they heard of Cuba, South Korea,
England, France, Germany, Italy, and
smaller countries that are free today?
Will they not end their quest for peace
simply because they think its politics?
And don’t such US citizens know that it
takes guts and resolve to keep a peace?