Lucille J. Biscaglio


Upon this earth, we do our best
And when we reach our final rest
We’ll know if we have passed the test –

Did I make a difference in the life of just one person?

Where e’re we go upon our way
Compassion walks with us each day
And thoughtful things we do and say

Did I lift just one person’s spirits?

As we walk our given miles
And see folks troubled, faced with trials
We try to heal their tears with smiles

Did I bring a little joy into just one person’s life?

Treading gently and with care
In each encounter just and fair
As “ordinary” folks are rare.

Did I tell just one person they were special?

We reach a helping hand to lend
Help broken hearts begin to mend
Hearts’ gardens do we always tend

Did I reach out to help just one person?

Until the day when we’ve grown old
And on to life we cannot hold
We strive to pave a path of gold

Is just one person’s life better because I traveled?

How long is my path?
How lasting is my trail?