David R. “Poppa” Alexander


My Father in Heaven
Knowing I’m not worthy as were your apostles eleven
Why did you choose me,
A sinner that your blood set free?

My Father in Heaven
To be saved from a life of sin
But why did you choose me?
Why did you choose to die for all sinners? Praise be to thee.

My Father in Heaven
A new life with you forever I have been given.
Love for you I have found,
What love you have and through your grace I’m heaven bound.

My Father in Heaven
All you ask is faith, love, doing your will and to remember the Sabbath one out of seven.
Sadly I think of what you had to endure
Your word is true, unchanged and pure.

My Father in Heaven
A sinner can have your truth, grace and love not one day but all seven.
Jesus be thy name, a Father to all that believes
Then nailed to a cross between two thieves.

My Father in Heaven
Betrayed by one, loved by the other chosen eleven
A cross hewn from a tree
Then to die for all lost sinners like me.

My Father in Heaven,
So that all mankind could be forgiven
Your executioners thought you did not survive.
Then to arise as you promised on the third day, you’re ALIVE!

My Father in Heaven,
Thank you LORD JESUS for making me one of your eleven.
With a prayerful, humble heart and praise for your name
Forgiven, saved and born again I’ll never be the same.