David R. “Poppa” Alexander


We don’t always see the sunshine because it may be obscured
Because of our own selfish reasons our vision is often blurred.
To be only a one-dimensional person is a waste
To miss all around us and form an opinion in such haste.

The sun shines brightly for us all every day
It may take more effort to see it as we hasten along our way.
But at the end of the journey and when it is through
We will perhaps look back on it and take a closer view.

All in life isn’t so easy to see as we pass along
What we perceived to be right is often wrong.
There is only one path that to end will keep your eyes open wide,
To follow your God who for you died.

To keep open your eyes to see the suns golden ray
And for each of us to the right path stay
Is the wish of our master that watches over every day
That we should follow his footsteps and out of his sunshine never stray.

Submitted for the August 2002 IWVPA Club Theme Project, “Sunshine